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The company was launched in by Charles Chubb, who started out selling ships’ ironmongery, but moved into security when his brother Jeremiah invented a new type of lock. After gaining a Royal Warrant in the s, the Chubb family enjoyed five generations of global growth, providing security for everything from the Crown Jewels to the Koh-i-Noor diamond to Winston Churchill’s wartime papers. By the end of the s the Wolverhampton-based company had swallowed up Rely-A-Bell and many other smaller rivals and was a respected bastion of British industry. According to ex-employee David Ibbs , the rot set in during the s when Chubb damaged its finances by acquiring — under government urging — the failing Gross cash register business. And so, as the era of deregulation dawned, the weakened Chubb shifted from being a proud family-run manufacturer providing careers for life, to being the financial plaything of City moguls driven only by the bottom line. Starting with a misguided acquisition by Racal in , Chubb demerged and remerged with other multinationals several times, “downsizing” ie making skilled and loyal staff redundant each time, and gradually splitting apart so that locks, safes and alarms ended up with different owners.

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Paul McCartney Singer, songwriter, guitarist Paul McCartney cast an indelible imprint on the history of modern music during the s as a member of rock and roll ‘s monumental band, the Beatles. McCartney was widely accepted as a major driving force behind the Beatles and was responsible for composing an overwhelming majority of the tunes that brought the Beatles to the attention of serious music critics. In retrospective reviews of the late twentieth century, McCartney and his fellow Beatles were cited repeatedly as a cultural phenomenon.

Bluebird has taken a leaf out of its sometime-residents from Made in Chelsea and is advocating the super-fast relationship, with an evening of speed dating, on 25th September. Please note: wine provided is for drinking, not for throwing over your paramour in a fit of pique.

Flight Club These great London singles events at Flight Club are the perfect place to meet some fun-loving types, and maybe spark some romance. Head to Shoreditch or Bloomsbury for some fun and flirty Speed Darting, complete with slushies and a little bit of friendly competition. Cocktails And Conversation Taking over some of London’s most exclusive venues, Cocktails and Conversation is a fun take on dating events.

Head to one of their bashes for a fresh take on the single life, with live music and plenty of fun to be had. Date in a Dash Date in a Dash host a whole range of events around London for anyone who’s single. There’s traditional speed dating hosted in a range of ages so no one is left out , and there’s lots of other events like Drunk Jenga, singles bar crawl and more.

Smudged Lipstick Events Tinder can be so boring but other singles events can also be a bit cringe. What are you supposed to do — be single forever? Get yourself down to one of the Smudged Lipstick Events, where they host everything from Dirty Scrabble Dating speed dating and dirty scrabble to anti-romantic pool and ping pong parties.

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We felt it our duty to sample the goods and only recommend the best gifts for him. Plenty of products were received, tried and tested, and ultimately were given away in my first come first serve text messaging and Whatsapp friends and family group. The stuff you see here made the cut and are drinks and other gifts we kept for the Aspiring Gentleman team.

Mango Habanero The Door Hinge. Kombucha Mango Habanero Recipe: Shake everything besides the kombucha, then add the Mango Habanero and swirl.

London escorts & private entertainers – slixa uk. Just tells go doesnt care about anything, reprimands speed dating website street portland oregon except for the excitement light and having. That Humanity Gets Cultivated Xating.

Share this article Share ‘It has been a long labour of love to get to this stage and a huge number of man hours but the boat is now as it was when Sir Malcolm broke the record all those years ago. The tests went well and o see it perform in its natural environment again is just a fantastic slice of nostalgia. Donald was killed when his Bluebird K7, a successor to the K3, flipped over and sank and the wreckage not recovered until Donald Campbell, pictured in , pictured driving the watercraft in , died when his Bluebird K7, a successor to the K3, flipped over and sank on Lake Coniston, Cumbria But in and again a year later Sir Malcolm reached speeds of up to Now the entire structure of the K3 including the wooden hull and decking have been rebuilt in the unlikely surroundings of a disused chicken shed in the grounds of Filching Manor near Eastbourne where Mr Foulkes-Halbard runs a motor museum.

The boat is the same colour and the original steering wheel still works well. The Bluebird K3 was restored by a handful of craftsmen in a tiny workshop in East Sussex ‘Everything has been done to the original standards and we have got her up to 50mph and will soon be doing around 70mph. Watching David Beckham on a speedboat during the London opening ceremony gave him the inspiration to relaunch K3 on the River Thames with dates being planned in September.

Next year he intends to take K3 back to Lake Maggiore to recreate the magnificent record breaking attempts of the 30s. He described Sir Malcolm as a ‘larger than life Boys Own figure’ who revolutionised powerboat technology with his teams of top designers in the s.

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I make it five or six times just to be sure. I spent twenty minutes with a mind reader. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — small, medium, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings… An apple a day keeps everyone away, if you throw it hard enough. I just passed a drug test at work. Necessity is the mother of deception. The difference between an etymologist and an entomologist is that an etymologist knows the difference.

Christmas Postcards Vintage Postcards Travel Postcards Funny Postcards London Postcards Inspirational Quote Postcards Wedding Thank You Postcards. Bluebird K7 Mouse Mat. £ 20% Off with code ZAZGIFTS The West Ridinge of Yorkeshyre Mouse Mat. Graveyard Speed Dating Mouse Mat. £ 20% Off with code ZAZGIFTS “Need For.

It will attempt a run to mph in , and a mph mission in , both to take place on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. But Bloodhound is just the latest in a long list of land speed record vehicles, built with the sole purpose of taking the ultimate Earth-based speed crown. Piloted by Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, the first record holder crept its way up to Jeantaud carried on making cars until It was driven by Belgian Camille Jenatzy.

The car wrung 90hp from an immense The motor-vehicle was still in its primitive stages of development, but the age of speed had well and truly arrived. It was built specially by Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli to break the land speed record. It featured a litre 4-cylinder engine, capable of producing around bhp.

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From Raggedy School Bus to Cabin on Wheels on November 2, Today lots of people are looking for alternative ways to live without mortgages and it turns out that there are several ways to do it. And with enough labor and the right materials you can create a very lovely home. The folks at WPICreative took this raggedy old school bus and transformed it into a beautiful home on wheels.

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Coral The Coral label was dark red sometimes reddish brown with silver print. Dearborn The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top. It had a red label with gold print. The label was black with silver print; the 45 label is shown at left. It was founded in New York in as a company focused on stereo.

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Attitude Autos have a passion for historic, classic and contemporary vehicle restoration and modification. Give us a call today to talk about your project. With deep family roots dating back to the ‘s in modifications, specialist vehicles and other creative adventures John Bitmead’s grandfather Stan Phillips, who had a Heathrow based workshop near London boasted accomplishments that included helping create Malcolm Campbell’s record breaking water speed jet boat ” The Bluebird” assisted in creating the spark that would drive John into his future career.

John started off in engineering and then went on to study commercial art in Hammersmith. By his early 20s he had set up his own bodyshop, turning his hand to early customs and drag racing paintwork that eventually progressed into custom bike paintwork and then incorporated prop and model making.

On March 23rd at p.m., the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a call stating that a man was found hanging in the front yard of 30 Bluebird Lane in rural Litchfield. The caller had cut the man, later identified as 51 year old Jeffrey A. Jeffers, down and started CPR.

It is a regular at rallies and often runs as a guest vehicle at the LCBS themed running days in the South East, as well as regular appearances at the Alton rally. It is currently under restoration. More details at http: A full history of the restoration work is on John’s web page which can be accessed by clicking the image to the left. It is fully restored and used at running days. It is kept at Ballater bus depot and is now in Alexander blue cream livery with the assistance of Stagecoach.

It was running at the Wroughton rally Thamesdown centenary in while privatelypreserveed and is now a residnet of the Oxford Bus Museum. It is displayed at their heritage days. The two were pictured together at Ruddington in July by Ken Jones.

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What people really want to say about NY! To be a genuine hipster, you’ve had to have once lived in or spent a substantial period living in New York ‘on Sabbatical As you walk down the street make sure to call any angry or psychotic seeming citizen a fag. In New York, yelling out “Fag! If you need a place to sleep in NYC the sub way is a sure bet!

Blue Flame Natural Gas Rocket Car The Blue Flame made a spectacular debut at the Bonneville Salt Flats on October 23, , setting a new world land speed record of mph. The quest for speed perhaps began when Mrs. Karl Benz secretly took her husband’s car on the first road trip in

Do not, however, mistake this for a less interesting CES. This was one of the most entertaining and interesting Consumer Electronics Shows I can recall since my very first back in There was a veritable plethora of new products from some of the most notable names in the industry. The landscape of high-end audio is changing in fascinating ways, and therein lies this tale.

While imposing systems still hold the highest ground, genuine high-end sound in every sense of the term is becoming available in smaller and sometimes even very reasonably priced packages. I’ve broken this lengthy report into three parts based, somewhat arbitrarily, on the sheer physical size of the systems, with a couple of exceptions. And as people always seem to most want to hear and see the biggest, baddest audio systems to be had at a show, let’s start with.

It’s easy to put together a ton of wildly expensive gear and hope it all sings nicely together, although it often doesn’t. Such was not the case here. This was a splendid example of what a carefully assembled megabucks system should do — immerse the listener in the world of whatever music is played through it. Mentioning the grand scale brings to mind Lamm Industries, which always comes loaded for bear in their two rooms.

Lamm’s systems have almost always counted among my best of show over the last fifteen years and nothing changed this year. The Verity system was marvelously expressive of all the nuances of music of all types. The Hot Club of San Francisco’s “Nature Boy,” with a guest vocal from Maria Muldaur, was as lifelike as the state of the art allows, which on music of this scale is very close indeed.

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