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Cancellations must be received 10 days prior to the workshop. If you cannot attend, a qualified substitute may attend in your place or you can choose to attend one of the other scheduled workshops. EEG Info reserves the right to cancel any event with due cause; a full refund will be issued for any registration fees or deposits paid. Attendees are also allowed to transfer to a future course. To cancel your registration, sign up for a different workshop or have questions regarding this course, call EEG Info at Information for special needs participants:

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On one hand, the spring system should be soft enough to absorb track irregularities assuring maximum adhesion, while on the other hand the spring system must be firm enough to reduce the body roll, squat, and dive of the vehicle during cornering, acceleration and braking. For optimum balance, Eibach has developed the ERS double-spring system.

With our extensive range of motorsport spring sizes and rates—our ERS double-spring system is unsurpassed in performance and flexibility. For Off-Road racing where extreme wheel travel is a must—combining two different rate main springs gives you the softer rate required for small bumps and a stiffer final rate to prevent bottoming on the bigger bumps and jumps. The Main spring has a linear-rate characteristic and determines the final rate of the system.

The Tender springs are available in linear or progressive-rate shown and determine the initial rate of the spring-system.

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Should have reworded this question long ago, but decided to stick with the original question for continuity. I voted for whole bait that is a conundrum, because the way I use it? Looking back 15 years, probably could have worded this poll better. But it is what it is, and changing the question and replies wouldn’t keep the sample size correct according to the history of this long running poll.

Click poll yearly results Last I looked, spoons held a slight lead over bait combined cur, or whole. Click for long running Poll Page Computers were made to amass and store data and that’s what this poll is about. Will this be the season when there’s a dramatic shift, or stay mostly unchanged like it has for roughly the last 10 years?

Now is the time to shift gears into production. Click White Lightening proof This spoon has a pearl base with a beautiful 21st century color shifting multicolor lure tape that wowed me the 1st time I saw it.

Denon DNCB CD/USB/Bluetooth Player with Remote DNCB B&H

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Hayward SPX10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump The original pump was a hookup, and we didn’t have to change a thing. I know pools very well, but I am no electrician or mechanic. But the process of removing the old pump and installing this new one (again, using the downloaded manuals and several online videos found at YouTube), went very Reviews: K.

Along the way, I learned a ton about how they work, what parts work best, and what not to do. Made all of the difference. Going without power steering may let you run a standard rotation water pump although sourcing one that is short enough to work may be more of challenge. First generation dry-sump Street Car or Race Car? Before you consider a dry sump oiling system, you really need to put some thought into how you intend to use the car, the car it will be in.

My thoughts on running a dry sump in my street car were primarily to get the motor as low as I could but also and mostly because I had never built a dry sump motor have owned several but never built one. So this opportunity to do it. Pictured above is the initial mock-up for the pump location. As you can see, I started off with the pump at the bottom on the passenger side but eventually ended up with it on the top passenger side. Not the ideal location they all leak but, given what turned out to be some very, very tight conditions in the engine bay, the only place it could go without having to resort to a rear drive pump.

You could buy any one of several very nice baffled road race Milodion, Kevko, Aviad, etc. If you think the shallow pan will help you keep the motor lower in the car than a wet sump pan, the answer is, not so much. Oil flow, scavenge manifold is not used Then there is all of the plumbing fun — routing the lines, figuring out where the pump, remote filter, breather, and tank will go, etc.

One of the knock son dry sump system is that it robs horsepower but I found that claim a bit disingenuous.

America’s “Happy Hooker,” CH

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The words lower unit, gearcase and gear housing can be used interchangeably in the marine industry. And you will sometimes see the “leg” mentioned, which could stand for the outer exhaust housing even to include the lower unit if it is integral. This article covers a diverse section of these repairs, and in the usual order of needed repairs, like shifting or water pump repairs.

Beyond that, the average owner will never have to open up the gearbox, or do a prop shaft seal replacement, but they are covered near the bottom of this article. The cables can become seized internally, or possibly stretched, out of adjustment or even become unhooked from the motor. As a test, if you do have remote controls, disconnect them from the motor and try shifting the motor manually at the motor as a test as explained above Transmission Stuck in Neutral: The clutch dogs in the gearcase’s transmission are rather large in relationship to some other models.

This is good in that you most likely will not experience the motor jumping out of gear because of worn clutch dogs if the linkage adjustment is not properly set. While it is running at a slow speed, these dogs are designed to engage easily. Otherwise, you could very well break the shift lever, especially the newer plastic levers, or bend some of the linkage if the older metal lever. If you experience this and you HAVE to place the transmission in gear with the motor not running where the shift lever does not want to engage, as if the transmission is stuck try slowly pulling on the starter rope just enough, and at the same time putting pressure on the shifting lever, to allow the clutch dogs to mesh into the gear recesses as they do become aligned.

As a test, if you do have remote controls, disconnect them from the motor and try shifting the motor manually at the motor as a test as explained above. Slipping Out of Gear: Here could be a situation where the actual gearbox is OK, just the linkage to the motor’s shifting arm is out of adjustment.

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Originally Posted by jrwood Hey guys I have a 23HP vanguard on my go-devil LT and has always ran really good but last year starting dying while under a load, but would always restart after hitting the prime bulb, I replaced the fuel filter last year and it didn’t help then I found out the fuel pump was most likely the cause so I put a new one on today and took it out, it ran great for about an hour and started doing the same thing, it will run all day at low rpm but die running WFO.

I then noticed the PCV line coming out of the left valve cover had a kink in it pretty bad that was probably shut completely off and thought maybe that would cause the fuel pump not to be able to get vacuum. I unplugged the PCV for testing purposes and it never died again, am I on the right track or is there something else to look at, the carb performs great at all times it is just simply running out of fuel and always starts back up.

I can run it WFO on the trailer and never dies just while under a load in the water.

Denon Professional DNCB; The DNCB from Denon is a 1 RU rack-mountable CD player with Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, and a mm Aux input. It is designed for use in commercial installations such as retail and hotel/conference rooms or to be transported on location for education, instruction, and entertainment applications.

If you have a basement that floods you need one. A sump pump in your home will prevent basement, laundry areas, and storage rooms from receiving water damage. What is the most common cause of sump pump failure? Probably the most common cause of sump pump failure is electrical in nature. Plugging the pump into an extension cord, or an outlet that shares a circuit breaker with other electrical items, can cause the pump to receive low voltage.

In order to run it then has to draw higher amps. That causes the pump to run hotter. Heat is the enemy of electric motors and can shorten the life of a pump dramatically. The pump should be plugged directly into an outlet no extension cords and that the outlet is the only thing powered by the circuit breaker or fuse that feeds it. Grounding Information In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electricity to follow.

The pumps are equipped with an electric cord having a grounding conductor and a 3 pronged grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into a matching outlet, properly installed and grounded, in accordance with all local codes and ordinances and National Electrical Cod NEC Can I modify the electric cord provided? Do not modify the plug provided. If it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified licensed electrician a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is recommended.


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SE Texas Using a generator to power a water well pump I have read a lot of threads on here asking about using a generator to power a water well pump so I wanted to pass some info along. My intent here is only to clear up some confusion about using water wells and generators, which many of us have to do while living in the country. First, a little about myself. I used to be in the business, so I know a little about water well issues etc.

I noticed that most posters are listing their well depths, water level, pump types, draw-down, etc. While this information is important to the overall design of the well, the only thing that has any real effect on selecting a generator is the Horsepower of the motor on the pump. What you need to be looking for is the HP of the pump, usually found either by looking on the side of the motor of a jet-pump or looking on the control box of a submersible pump.

Most jet pumps will either run on v or v by switching the wires in the motor. Submersible pumps are almost always v and cannot be switched to my knowledge. The HP of the motor will determine how many amps the motor will pull, and this will give you how many watts.

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