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Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto apologized Thursday in Japan’s parliament and said his government would come up with ethics laws for bureaucrats. The scandal involves allegations that Finance Ministry officials tipped off banks.

Manila: The former vice minister for finance of Japan was elected as president of the Manila-based Asian Development Bank, the international lending agency said in a statement. Takehiko Nakao, 57, took the post that was vacated by.

The Finance Division deals with the subjects pertaining to finance of the Federal Government and financial matters affecting the country as a whole, preparation of.

I am Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Japan. I declare no other competing interests.

China and Japan plan to hold the sixth dialogue between their finance ministers in Yokohama, Japan on May 6, China’s Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday. The talks may cover topics including the Chinese and Japanese macro.

Japan’s newly appointed finance minister Naoto Kan has called for a weaker yen in order to aid the recovery of the Japanese economy. Speaking the day after his appointment, Mr Kan said it would be “nice” to see the currency.

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TOKYO — Finance Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, harshly criticized for lax regulation in the face of a series of financial scandals, tendered his resignation Thursday. In another scandal, the chairman of Fuji Bank quit. Fuji Chairman Taizo.

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Two Japanese men arrested by Italian Police while trying to smuggle $134 Billion in U.S. Treasury Bonds concealed in.

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TOKYO: Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso stressed today the need for bigger monetary and fiscal stimulus to revive the economy, but said the government will not insist on issuing a written policy accord with the central bank on a new.

Law enforcement in Japan is provided by the Prefectural Police under the oversight of the National Police Agency or NPA. The NPA is administered by the National.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Top officials from Japan’s finance ministry, central bank and financial regulator met on Monday to exchange views on global financial markets, the finance ministry said. The meeting comes amid uncertainty about.

Ministry of Home Affairs; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Planning and Investment; Ministry of Industry and Comerce; Ministry of Energy and Mine; Ministry of.

Promoting and safeguard Malaysian interest in the international trade arena and spurring the development of industrial activities.

Taro Aso, the finance minister, said his remarks were intended to start a debate on whether to change Japan’s Constitution. Toru Yamanaka/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images TOKYO — Japan’s finance minister on.

“I have met Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso during my three-day state visit to that country. He said there was no need for a discussion because the government has already removed the advisory. “There is no longer any reservation.

Japan is prepared to take action in the foreign exchange market to stem the rising yen currency, according to its finance minister. The remarks by Jun Azumi succeeded in weakening the value of the yen against the US dollar in Monday.

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Japan’s Ministry of Finance, Financial Services Agency and the Bank of Japan will hold a meeting at 1:50 pm (0450 GMT) to exchange views on financial markets as the yen edges toward a seven week high versus the dollar. The.

Agreement between GoN and the Government of Japan. 2016-12-28. Government of Japan, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),

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Charged with the responsibility of formulating financial and economic policies, effective coordination of Government financial operations, management of revenue and.

Charged with the responsibility of formulating financial and economic policies, effective coordination of Government financial operations, management of revenue and.

Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie skipped a trilateral meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts in Yokohama on Friday due to important domestic matters, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said. While the.

At a meeting of regulators on Monday, the Russian Finance Ministry proposed to register cryptocurrency miners as well as to license exchanges dealing with them. A.

Promoting and safeguard Malaysian interest in the international trade arena and spurring the development of industrial activities.

The Minister’s Secretariat (MS) plays the role of "leading the ministry" by determining the way the ministry should be headed during the planning process, making the.

Democratic Party campaign strategist Jun Azumi speaks to journalists at the ruling Democratic Party of Japan’s election headquarters in Tokyo in this July 11, 2010 file photo. [Photo/Agencies] TOKYO – New Japanese Prime Minister.

Japan Center for International Finance (JCIF) is a research institution specializing in international finance, founded in March 1983 through contributions by leading.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday that bitcoin had not been proven as a credible currency. He made the remark to reporters when asked about his French counterpart’s comment this week that France.

TOKYO–Japanese exports rose for a 12th straight month in November, helped by strong overseas demand for steel and equipment to make semiconductors, data from Japan’s finance ministry showed Monday. Exports increased 16.2%.

Naoto Kan, 63, is widely expected to succeed Mr Hatoyama – first as president of the centre-left Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and then, after a parliamentary vote, as prime minister of Asia’s biggest economy. Support has built.

Details of the Budget, fiscal out-turns, borrowing policy and tax policy.

1. Population. Approximately 66,990,000 people (January 1st 2017, French National Institute of Statistics and Economics Studies -INSEE-) 2. Land Area

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Meiji Constitution. The Ministry of Justice was established under the Constitution of the Empire of Japan in 1871 as the Ministry of Justice (司法省, Shihōshō)

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso will visit the United States in September to hold an informal meeting with his counterpart to prepare for a second round of economic talks later this year, government.