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Why do auditors always come across as so calm and assured? What’s an auditor’s favourite gaming console? Did you hear the joke about the interesting internal auditor? What’s an Internal Auditor’s favourite film? What does an auditor say when boarding a train? How many auditors does it take to change a light bulb?

More jokes about: age, birthday, nurse, old people, party A handsome young lad went into the hospital for some minor surgery, and the day after the procedure a friend stopped by to see how the guy was doing.

What’s the difference between a psychologist and a magician? A magician pulls rabbits out of hats, whereas a psychologist pulls habits out of rats. Two psychotherapists pass each other in the hallway. The first says to the second, “Hello! Two behaviorists meet each other in the street. Some time later, they have sex. The other one says, “That was good for you. How was it for me?

How many narcissists does it take to change a lightbulb?

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Visit here frequently to see all of our latest jokes! It will most likely end up here until we sort them all out and stick them in the correct joke categories. Latest Jokes as of February 11 A farmhand is driving around the farm, checking the fences. After a few minutes he radios his boss and says, “Boss, I’ve got a problem. I hit a pig on the road and he’s stuck in the bull-bars of my truck.

Also read funny nurse jokes, nurse jokes, nurse jokes one liners and short nurse jokes as well.).). Add Comments Comment and share this joke A doctor, a nurse, and the top executive of an HMO have all died and are in line together at the Pearly Gates. St.

Saucy text messages will definitely fire up your relationship. Want to add a bit of excitement to you relationship? Things between you getting stale and predictable? Feeling frisky and want to turn things up a notch? Just want to have a bit of fun with your partner? These flirty text messages will definitely liven things up between you, so use them with pleasure. Sexy texts will be a turn on and an excellent prelude for meeting later. Saucy text messages I wanted to send you something hot and really sexy to make your day, but the postman told me to take the stamps off my butt and get outta the mail box.

Can u help me? I need a sex slave tonight.

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Before making his hospital rounds, the doctor likes to get an update on his patients from the on-duty nurse. Smith feel about his recent brain surgery? How is the little boy who swallowed all the dollar bills?

A nursing assistant, a floor nurse and a charge nurse from a small nursing home were taking a lunch break in the break room. In walks a lady dressed in silk scarves and wearing large polished-stone jewelry.

By Kelsey Coffeey Nurses are a special breed that have chosen to dedicate their lives to care for others. In the medical field, we strive to be prepared for every situation. With that in mind, here are some things to know so you can be prepared to date a nurse: We can locate the prostate. Our anatomy jokes, however, are funny. Yes, we have gross stories about almost every body part you could imagine.

On a scale from zero to Quentin Tarantino, how much gore are you comfortable with?

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Poor as a church mouse. It’s scary when you start making the same noises as your coffee maker. Let me think for a second A little old lady was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she walked, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say “Supersex.

Find the best nurse jokes and all humor related to hospital on Jokerz. Also read funny nurse jokes, nurse jokes, nurse jokes one liners and short nurse jokes as well.

Funny jokes for women about love, relationships, dating, single life and marriage. Come along with us. It wouldn’t be the same without you. I read this article that said typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, smoking too much, impulse buying and driving too fast. That’s my idea of a perfect day. Skinny people piss me off! Especially when they say things like, “You know sometimes I forget to eat. But I’ve never forgotten to eat.

You have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat. A friend of mine confused her Valium with her birth control pills She had 14 kids, but she doesn’t care. They keep telling us to get in touch with our bodies.

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Jokes about Pharmacists Read the funniest jokes about Pharmacists Know a good Pharmacists joke that’s missing here? Tell us and we place your joke with your name on WorkJoke. Please contact us for more information! A man goes into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he can give him something for the hiccups. The pharmacist promptly reaches out and slaps the man’s face.

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I guess the best way to put it is that I am a really genuine person with a huge heart. I am very family oriented and I am looking for someone with strong family values I am a man seeking for an honest woman. I am very humble, intelligent, caring, loving. I am very romantic I like to travel. I’m looking for a man who will invite me.

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Veterans Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley reclaimed their posts as co-hosts for the CMA Awards tonight, and kicked off the big night with some memorable one-liners, announcements and jokes. After enjoying a performance by Kenny Chesney and duet by Miranda Lambert and Meghan Trainor, the dynamic duo took the stage and got the show rolling.

They began with a jokingly tearful tribute to George Strait, who won Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs last year and then announced his retirement. As the pair began singing their tune for the country-crooning pal, Carrie spotted him in the audience and kept hinting at Brad that he’s back. At some point, he finally realized what his beautiful co-host was getting at, and they began chatting it up with Strait, who is also up for multiple awards tonight.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Reasons Why Dating a Nurse Is Like Winning the of these reason are very lame. Find this Pin and more on Nursing ☤ by Missy (Seweryniak) Boron. 10 Reasons Dating A Nurse is like Winning the Lottery [Infographic].

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What do you call an exploding ape? What do you call a snake who is employed by the government? What do you call bears without ears? What do you call the shortest distance between 2 jokes? What do you call a blind dinosaur? What do you call a parrot when it has dried itself after taking a bath?

I found dating/being married to another nurse annoying as all heck. It made leaving work at work so much harder. It was nice at first to discuss this and that about our jobs, compare notes on .

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you even tried. If ignorance is bliss, I need someone really bad. Are you really bad? No one ever says, “It’s only a game. I still miss my ex. A man rushed into the doctor’s office and shouted, “Doctor! I think I’m shrinking!! You’ll just have to be a little patient. If a thing is worth doing it would have been done already. If your voting could really change things, it would be illegal. Remember, half the people in the world are below average.

Corduroy pillows are making headlines!

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