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The tool is built to allow the user to queue many different game settings in individual runs. Each run can be executed on demos provided with the tool, which are mainly camera paths, or created by the user playbacks. While camera paths are static and can’t be modified by the user, playbacks can be recorded in-game in the single-player campaign default button: Run Settings Run settings are classified in 3 different groups: General, Game and Miscellaneous settings. Name of the current run. Description of the current run.

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EA filed a patent in to tinker with online matchmaking for better player engagement January 9, admin 0 Comments Categories News A few months back two patent applications submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Electronic Arts surfaced online. Both of these patents were filed on March 8, and dealt with dynamically altering the player experience.

One of the patents dealt with dynamically changing the difficulty of a game to better keep players interested. The second, more malicious and exploitable patent dealt with how EA handled its online matchmaking. The algorithm, named Engagement Optimized Matchmaking EOMM , is designed as the name states for the sole purpose of keeping you engaged in online games. The factors that go into this algorithm run the gambit from interaction, play style, sportsmanship, willingness to spend money, and skill.

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Normally, when going to sleep, the day would fast-forward to sunrise and replenish health and sanity at the cost of hunger upon waking up. However, when on a server, sleeping will not fast forward to sunrise but will instead leave the player unable to move and unaffected by the night monster. This will replenish health and sanity while draining hunger faster than normal over time; the rate at which will be dependent on what type of structure or item was used to sleep.

When using a normal sleeping item, the player can wake themselves up by trying to move. If the player was put to sleep pan flute, cooking a mandrake, etc. The player will always wake up if hunger reaches 0. Exploration The Map has been modified to include a fog of war, preventing players to see changes to remote locations in the map. Each player’s explored areas are tracked separately, however players can share their exploration with others using Map Scrolls.

Communication Players communicate and express themselves through two chat modes: Global chat is seen by all players, whether they are up on the Surface world or down inside Caves. Whispered messages, on the other hand, can only be seen by players who are in the vicinity of the speaker. Whispered chat looks the same as global chat, but the word “Whisper” is displayed before it.

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Here’s how Far Cry 4 co-op works if you don’t have the game Ubisoft explains the PS4-exclusive feature. How is this possible, you ask? It starts with a client.

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So today, we decided to share the latest PC game called Far Cry 4 free. Read this complete review and then you can easily download Far Cry 4 from the link given below. This is the fourth installment of Far Cry series in which a young Nepali Origin man return from his native country. Here, he comes across so many challenges which he accepts and fight with all his enemies. In the twenty years since Ishwari and Ajay fled Kyrat, the rebellion has stagnated, with The Golden Path fighting for their very existence.

However, his mission is interrupted when his bus is attacked by the Royal Army and he is taken prisoner by Pagan Min, the country’s eccentric and violent king who claims to have been romantically involved with Ishwari. Ajay escapes with the aid of Sabal, a commander in The Golden Path, a rebel movement established by Ajay’s father Mohan.


When we worked our way half way through the benchmarks we got informed by AMD that they will be releasing a performance driver for Far Cry 3 upcoming Monday or Tuesday. Considering that people would like to know what performance is like with the current drivers I have made a simplified version of this performance overview with a limited number of graphics card. This way you do have an impression if you are playing, or about to play the game this weekend.

Only 14 graphics cards have been used in this review. Once AMD has updated their driver we’ll re-benchmark the Radeon cards and make a full article next week. Next to that we included CPU scaling with a handful of different processors to see what kind of effect your processor brand has on game performance.

Permalink. Not keeping coop progression has stopped me buying this game, this was the same with Far Cry 4, when I played it with a friend, and didn’t keep my progression, I stopped playing it multiplayer as it was pointless, doing all the missions twice was laborious and pointless.

Jan 6, 7 After one complete playthrough of this game, I can say that I have mixed feelings about it overall. The story is truly top notch, voice acting is excellent. The arsenal of guns at your disposal is equally as large, and each one is customizable in the way of attachments, and paint jobs. There are quite a few upgrades to get byAfter one complete playthrough of this game, I can say that I have mixed feelings about it overall.

There are quite a few upgrades to get by hunting and skinning animals one of my favorite parts , and generally the controls are excellent. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with Far Cry 3 that convey a huge lack of attention to detail. After liberating outposts, more and more side quests open up for you to do. Each mission of these type are awfully similar to one another, and need only to be done if you need money.

Go find this group of 5 guys, kill one with a knife, rinse and repeat in another area. Also, liberating outposts gets extremely boring after you get about a quarter of them, and by the end I was only doing them to get the achievement, otherwise I would have stopped after about 10 of them. Blue exclamation point side quests are also equally pointless, as each one is so unimaginative it was painfully obvious they were just there to add some sort of filler.

A complete playthrough took me only 20 hours, doing everything except collecting the relics and most of the side quests. I had fun, but it was over way too quick, and I wish there was just a little bit more variety. Good job Ubisoft, just not a great job.

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Sony, and more on the future of games By the time the Xbox One and PS4 reach their one-year anniversaries this fall, the future of gaming will have begun to take shape. Just look at the games shown off at E3 last week: And by then owners of the latest consoles should have a pretty good idea what they’re in for over the next several years.

The Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Is Here, And Subpar. Setting aside that Valve have gone back to the bad old days of seeming as surprised as anyone when their stated release dates come and go without event, now that Left 4 Dead 2 is playable I sort of wish it wasn’t.

The lengths that it goes to get you to learn is unprecedented: The developer probably could have accelerated the entire process with a single sentence: The multiplayer format is accentuated by an emphasis on reoccurring events rather than one-off races. Still, understandably, the emphasis on online comes at the cost of single player content. But there can be no bones about it: To be fair, the cars have been modelled with an obsessive attention to detail, but the emphasis on high-end automobiles means that the title lacks that encyclopaedic appeal that has always been a mainstay of the franchise in the past.

Despite this, though, the game still very much feels like a love letter to the entire automotive scene. For a game so inspired by real-world motorsports, for example, it leans far too heavily on fictional tracks. An absolutely flawless framerate helps perfect the illusion, and while there are perhaps more authentic simulators available elsewhere, the important underpinning here is that the cars simply feel sublime to drive.

Conclusion Gran Turismo Sport represents a sharp change in direction for a beloved brand — and only time will tell whether that move proves shrewd.

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Verno Seems pretty reasonable for me to be annoyed by a bunch of people that seem to think Valve owes you something and that they should have to do things the way you want. That’s what every consumer wants though, there’s nothing unreasonable about it. Ultimately you want what you want in exchange for your dollar. Some expectations will be met, others will be assuaged and others will be forgotten or missed. I seem to remember some of the people here saying they weren’t going to buy this game anyway, since Valve betrayed them blah blah blah

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There were two capable soldiers that would be able to help me out, but there was also a dog. I chose the good boy without a second of hesitation. I climbed a nearby tower, started sniping away at enemies he had marked, and once my cover was eventually blown I ran to cover and had my four-footed friend help me out. A few rounds out of my rifle later, and I had liberated the town from a gang of evil rednecks. It felt really good. This is due to how the world is structured.

Expect to see a bunch of fences, houses, and other geography one would expect from a small American town. It was there that I found out that another local resident needed saving, so I hopped in the nearest truck I found and headed to the checkpoint on my map. This ended up working fine as I was able to sneak up on my unsuspecting foes. A few shots later, I had them running around their complex looking for me. I used this distraction to my advantage and jumped inside one of their trucks. I then took joy in running over the cultist scumbags until they shot enough bullets into my vehicle to make it start malfunctioning.

This is an easy process, as all I had to do was look down my sights at the enemy and touch my directional pad.

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